Round Two... Or Is That 200

So I thought I had it figured out... just leave the situation right... Until the situation occurs in my home. It's funny because although we're divorced we still have sex... why? hhhmmm well not because it's enjoyable, convenient is a good word, trade is another. He is single and needs some and I have three children that have needs... needs that cost money. Oh and I did get a new hair cut out of it. I trade sex for additional financial assistance. There I said it! So does it make it right to have him be an *** when ever he wants? Yes he came over to help w/ the air conditioner issue but nothing is good enough. "You're house isn't clean enough, your daughter is out of control, when are you going to buy my son some new shoes... yadda yadda yadda". Seems simple and not to bad right, guess today was a good day. Mostly "how I shoulds" regarding my entire life. Followed me from room to room giving instruction on how it should be. I should stop bitching... not too much yelling today so it wasn't so bad...
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No one has the right to talk to you in a negative way. You have to be the one to stop it. Don't argue. Just walk away. You DO NOT deserve to be treated that way. No one does. Demand to be treated right and you will be. Refuse to be around people who treat you badly. Your children will love your strength and grow to love themselves but only if you do. After all, if mom thinks she's crap and puts up with the abuse, then so will her children. Kick him to the curb and don't look back. It may be hard, but going it alone is way better than putting up with abuse. Stop the cycle now. <br />
ps Heritage is no excuss for abuse.

he is the "abusive *******", not u,<br />
By still sleeping with him and exepting favour's(i'm not judging)<br />
He still has power over u @ u can't rebuild yourself esteem and have a better life (abuse free)<br />
WE deserve the best!!!<br />
(my abusive ex still abuses me 5 year's on @ he's remarried)<br />
I wish u lot's of luck @ courage<br />

I truly hope that helped cause I was trying to make a point and almost fear I may have ran amuck somewhere in there...tell me to shut up anytime....

You choose, situations in life require multiple avenues of revenue...sux...we must try to cruise down the proper avenue with the least amount of stop signs and turns.. Find the straight and narrow where you can drive through and don't have to back up. Sacrifices have to be of all people have and will overcome create one by getting off that road...struggle not the struggle thing.....hey you can only sacrifice yourself so many times before theres nothing to sacrifice anymore.