abuse has become an integral part of lyf.. verbally abused by my father on a regularly basis wen i was a kid. physical abuse by my dearest cousin... only then i used to think of it as love.. n never thought it was wrong.. was too young to understand the implications... mentally abused n emotionally blackmailed by my mother... n again filthily verbally abused by my X. ... should i accept this to be a part of lyf n nothng out of the ordinary?? i have completely lost confidence in myself.. i m insecure... i cant accept even a simple praise.. even if people are complimenting on my dress i feel they are being polite.. scared n scarred..!!!

nadira nadira
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"You don't die if you fall in water, you die only if you don't swim."
you need to do somethin about these abuses

I am a married Bengali (Indian) guy.Please add me

This was posted 3 years ago...wonder how things are now?

There r things which we may know are wrong..and then we may also strive to get rid of them..I have flaws bigger than what u have told here. But this is not enough to console our pious soul....What matters is how much we have tried to get rid of this burden off our shoulders. I am no super human, and dont expect super results...but i believe a small, a very small effort..may b once a day, or once a weak, or once a month is good enough.<br />
Let's try it, atleast once and then get addicted to it...<br />
<br />
i am going thru such a heavy burden that i cant even share.but this is my mantra..hope it helps u as well..

thnax friends... ur words really give me hope... thnx a lot for ur support...

I can share your pain, U need to find your strength, your standing which means that there is a strength inside and a fighter with a light. knw that you do deserve the best. dnt give them the benefit of self destruction. there is a brighter day only you can make the best of it. take care and knw you will be in my prayers.

I was also abused, mentally, physically and sexually. I feel your pain! I get sick of people telling me to get over it and go on. This caused me to miss out on alot of things in my life!<br><br />
It's caused me illness, and counsling in my case doesn't help!<br><br />
I'm sorry this happened to you! I'm in process of writing book about this subject which has helped me more than anything!