People Just Dont Realise the Hurt They Cause

i used to get alot more verbally abused when i was in school than i do now and i guess its cos most people grew up and i left all of the nasty people from school behind. i still do get a bit of a gob full from people when they see me in the street but i just try and ignore them now, theyve messed up my life enough, im not about to let them carry on.

that is going to be a bit of a problem for me with college next year though because the year before me from school will be coming up, which might mean more verbal abuse and because i just cant take much more of it and dont care what happens to me, i know i could hurt them, cos i tend to lash out, normally at myself, but if there right in front of me and carrying on with what they used to do, then its going to be them i lash out on, which could get me into a lot of trouble. i dont really care about the trouble i get into as long as i show them that they cant keep on doing what they were doing, but i want to try and keep my cool for as long as i can.

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Oh, I cannot stand a bully! And bullies cannot stand me because their crap doesn't work on me. Show these bullies that you are much bigger than they are by blowing them off. It may not work the first time but by the second time, they will get the hint.<br />
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They just want a reaction, this feeds their little bully ego but what fun is it when there is no reaction? They WILL head on to the next victim! I find that bullies target the ones they are jealous of. Why else would you want to treat someone so horribly? <br />
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I found this to be true in junior high. I had no self esteem but I was cute and smart and I got bullied! I got it stopped fairly quickly but it seemed there was another right behind the ones I got rid of. Bullying will always be a part of our lives in some form or fashion. We just have to learn how to react. React by blowing them off. That will teach em! LOL

thanks for all the great things you guys have been saying, i ill remember them! :-)

Do what you have to. If it means lashing out, go ahead, just don't do something you'll get in trouble for doing...unless you're sure you won't get caught. Whatever you do, don't hurt yourself or allow yourself to be hurt by others. If it means growing thicker skin, then do that. But never turn your resentment inward...the inner you is the beautiful one, so if you have to be ugly to others to protect that...<br />
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Set yourself free...