I Am Very Addicted To Sex

I love sex, think of it all the time especially if Im between partners. Its like an itch you have to scratch and I have to have sex.
Mind you I only want good sex, bad sex is worse than going without. All the excitement, tension, expectation, foreplay then wham.....................nothing, no ******, or feeling I have been used instead of cherished.

In between partners I can satisfy myself, but for me there is nothing like being held in strong arms, kissed breathless, caressed till Im a soaking wet exhausted rag doll. Then knowing he has held off till I was satisfied........taking my time to give him pleasure, arching my back, reaching round and touching him, urging him on....................then suddenly he **** in mind blowing, groaning, pleasure that fills me with his *** and has him dropping like a stone as he is a spent force.

Lying listening to each others rasping breath as we 'come back down' to me is the ultimate pleasure. And it leaves me feeling goooooooooooood.
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Jul 15, 2010