Affectionate In The Most Unique Way?

I'm actually quite a polite individual. I open doors for people, compliment people, say hi to people with a smile, and I even do things for people when they need something like a chair. I have a crush whom I have confessed to and she likes me too. However, we decided to go steady and form a relationship because this is her senior year. Usually, I compliment her everyday like calling her cute, and my strange fetishes of liking soft hands and cute thumbs. But today I'm pretty ashamed of myself because I ruined a perfect moment of affection. [me:seeing you happy today is all I need to see to be able to get through the day even if it's not with me. her:aww. That's cute. *holds my hand and stares deeply into my eyes* me:staaap your beautiful shiny eyes are burning me! her:ruined the moment ! geez *slaps me* me:That's because it's YOU. You're too beautiful, I can't help it if I'm all lovestruck and can't look into your eyes for more than 10 seconds. her:You say the cutest things] Haha I'm ashamed because I can't look her in the eye anymore and I love her. Every single day at school, I do really cute things to her though it seems to go wrong because I'm affectionate to my friends as well who link arms with me. But I do NOW refuse to hold hands if it isn't the person who I love. [her: You always open the door for me. You bring me a chair. You compliment me. You thanked my parents. You confessed to me uniquely. You hold my hand cutely without feeling awkward. You apologize when you lightly hit me or accidentally hit me. You back hug me. You have strange fetishes pertaining to me. You smile cutely at me and listen to me as well as revealing your true feelings to me. You walked me home in the dark. You have no sense of direction though it was cute and fun having the "first fake date" searching for a friend's house (fake date because I didn't confess yet) You fall asleep easily and wake up easily. You are blind but I find that cute because that means that I can lead you.] [me:You wrote this much, and said it like a speech. Mines may not be as long, but here it goes: I love you. *hugs her* I don't like hugging people in general, but you're the only exception. her:*hugs back* I lo-- LOATHE YOU HAHAHAH me:ugh. just say it already.] Really cheesy but I'm glad I get to meet someone like her.
chikoritatard chikoritatard
18-21, F
Dec 8, 2012