I was raised in a very affectionate family.  We said "I love you" every day and hugged good night each night.  I do the same with my children, and my husband and I always kiss, cuddle and bid each other good night before we sleep.

I try to respect the boundaries of others, and I know that some people do not like to be touched.  Being the person I am, I find that hard to understand, but I don't hug anyone who doesn't seem receptive.


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Lol please keep doing this i hate when ppl grab me and invade my personal space when im not into them IT'S SO RUDE!

Thats wonderful..but u dont know,maybe the person who dont want a hug,maybe he/she s afraid or doesnt trust easily..just my opinion but i like the relationship u have with ur family*

A hug is good medicine :-)

My family is NOT affectionate. They all stiffen up like planks when someone hugs them and it's very awkward. I have no idea why I'm affectionate. I just am.