I really think I'd make an excellent therapist or psychologist. I love to pick things and people apart, especially someone's mind. I always want to know what makes someone tick, and how I can improve them from there. I suffer from my own ****, but that would make me that much more empathetic and well suited to give advice in the area of mental illness. It would combine my love of human connection/ relationships, and my instinctive need to analyze to death.
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Nail -> Head.

Unfortunately for me it didn't work so well in long term relationships, nor did it help me find someone with which to have a long-term relationship. But for me, the advice was much more connected that a psychologist/therapist could give because there was much too much empathy and self-sacrifice involved. There was nothing left for my own feelings/thoughts even with only a handful of people I 'worked' with! So my own life slipped... Doing that all day each day would kill me, I guess.