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I get so angry with myself sometimes when I allow negative people to affect or bother me.  I wish I could just be transparent to these types of people and allow their attitude to just wash over me instead of letting it affect me and get to me.

tatteredwings tatteredwings 36-40 3 Responses Apr 28, 2009

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but this comes back to the reality thing again...not everyone is happy and therefore to expect them to be happy and nice is like expecting a miracles do happen! but not to me..<br />
Ignore them they know not what they do!..and the ones that do they are best ignored anyway..cause they are just plain nasty. <br />
I have to say though that there are times of the month when i am nasty. Its not intentional its not personal its just me being a moody mare.

will try not too :)

Wow....This takes practice. People who are hurting hurt others, don't take it personally. They get a charge out of making you angry, they know how to push your buttons so they continue to do it. Don't let them win.