Who Would Guess

had a rough day, called my friend, come on over, lets have a few, she di d, brought the boyfriend,  started to feel really relaxed, no pain.  A bath in the tub made for two was a great idea, bubbles , oil, girl thing.( ya know)  Oh it was great, was not ready for what happend next. she got out of the tub for the ladies room , I could not help but admire her body, I found her so attractive.  Ok liquor talking,  well before i knew it , we made a eye contact that was unmistakable, before I knew it, I was up , into the closet , and into my collection of toys,,  Let the games begin, it was very nice, nothing said, just quite , relaxed and slow touching,    Then the boyfriend comes,  he flips, he was so intimitated,   she asked him to join , to watch , now way,.  well it was over, she left, we have spoken, just breifly, I will see her next week, I have not stop thinking about this experience for i month , I am so nervous to see her, and the worst is I dont feel guilty,  it just felt,  well comfortable, two women, quite , touching, staring , no fast talking, no nothing just quite, soft, smooth, the only way to say that is , it was so very nice

sunnynm23 sunnynm23
Mar 26, 2009