Sadly, I Have to Be!

There are a handful of people I had trusted on EP, with my secrets and let them see me on webcam and such. It was a BAD mistake! They've used my secrets against me... or made fun of me on webcam. And there were many in my earlier stories and posts that I had called "friend". I had meant everything good about them, trusted them, and really did think that they were kind people. NOPE! They were mean jerks, instead. :-/

So, I am now very careful on who I trust on EP. I may be an open book with everyone on EP... but there are a few things I wouldn't do or share with most, so fast and upfront, like I did with those jerks. For one, I am not quick to give out my email addy. Or my created websites urls! Or to give out my Yahoo Messenger screenname or to chat on Skype (webcam). Sorry! Only special people, that I trust with my heart, get that info! :-)

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Mar 14, 2009