Am Realy Confused In Life And I Don't Know What To Do

am someone who feel down when i see someone in pain Buh lately abt 7months i av move to stay with ma dad in Holland ..nd all my life i av live with ma mum ..friends nd family which was very interesting wit ma dad is de worst feeling i av ever had coz am just new in Holland Buh he doesn't allow me to go out with friends ..expect when on working he is making life boring for me coz i can't get new friends nd i nd ma dad don't get along well . if i don't go to work i just stay in ma room Buh such life is boring for me.He wanna decide every thing in ma life for me .he doesn't give me space i work Buh i can't buy want i need .i just got a new work Buh he doesn't wan me to work over Der wen i told am confused nd am losing shape coz i don't know when i Will be on ma own nd decide for ma own life ..please help me coz am getting sick every day nd i don't know wat to do .i don't even have friends ..tanx for ur tym
simile1994 simile1994
1 Response Jan 12, 2013

Hii simile, dont warry its happen in our life so its not big deal, now at that moment remember abt ur good time and imagine a people with whom u celebret ur enjoy. And u have that choice so lessons ur hert bye,