My Bestfriend's Brother...

Okay so these past weeks have been very stressful! My bestfriend (let's call her Lola) has an older brother(let's call him Josh) and lately things have changed. Lola and I have been friend since seventh grade, we are now in eleventh grade but I've never really talked to her brother because I would never see him since he was always somewhere with his friends. Anyways lately Lola and her younger brother(Max) have been joking around saying I'm Josh's girlfriend and even Josh calls me his girlfriend when he asks Lola where I am. I find It adorable because I've always thought he was cute but kept it to myself because it's kinda awkward talking that way about my best friends brother. Since then we always joke around like that and started talking more and hanging out more. He tReats me as if I'm his girlfriend because he tells me stuff like I don't want you to talk to guys I don't like or where are you gonna be later,better not be with anyone I don't like or if I'm texting friends he'll say who is this guy? Stuff like that and I mean I'm pretty sure he kiddin around but when I ask him if he is he says no I'm serious! Also, this past week Lola was away with max with their older older brother(Ron) and I got a call from Lola's house at 2 in the morning and I answered because I found I strange and to my surprise it was Josh. He ended up telling me that he really likes me and that he wanted to see him really badly so I snook out of my house and we met up and we talked and he confessed to me that he wants to be with me and that hes always had a crush on me but never talked to me because he was too shy. I was pretty happy when i heard this because I also have feelings for him. We ended up kissing that night and it was magical and since that night he would call me to hang out and talk. The only problem is that I have a boyfriend but I have lost feeling for him but just haven't had enough courage to break up with him. Also we don't want Lola or Max to find out that we're hanging out because Max is a loudmouth and if he found out the whole world would find out too. Also Josh has a girlfriend of three years. He broke up with her but she won't except it and he's had enough of her because everytime they argue she hits him and he can't do anything to defend himself. He showed me all the bruises she's left him and the nasty scratches she's left on his face.I feel bad for him because Lola has told me all the problems they've had and how badly she treats him. He was supposed to call me on Saturday night but didn't and the next day Lola told me that Josh's ex girlfriend came drunk to their house and started destroying everything and climbed in the house through the window and started attacking Josh and his mom tried stopping her but she scratched her face and she called the cops and they took her in but let her go after they talked to Josh about what had happened. We talked about all of this and how he would really want to be with me but since I'm sixteen and he's nineteen our parents would see a problem with this. He said that he wouldn't mind but that it could cause problems for me so he is willing to wait for me until I at least turn eighteen. He is such a gentlemen and so nice and sweet to me. I can't stop thinking about him and I haven't felt this way since my first serious boyfriend. Yesterday morning I went over to my friends house and he was there but we had to act normal and I went into the kitchen and he was there and smiled at me and poked me and it really sucks that we have to be so secretive about this. Later that night he called me and he wanted to hangout and talk but it was late and I didn't want to sneak out and he was saying how much he misses me and how he wished he could have kissed me. He even told me I love you. Which really surprised me because I didn't see that coming. I'm so confused being in this situation. I'm defiantly going to break up with my boyfriend not only because of Josh but because I already had it in mind before he came into the picture. I don't know wether to wait until I'm eighteen and take it from there? Two years is a lot of time and I'm just scared that our feelings for each other will fade away. Not only that but he's my best friends brother! Although I know she wouldn't mind us being together I would feel a little awkward around the rest of the family. If any of you guys were in my situation what would you do? I really need some reassuring because I'm so very much confused.

Wierdo1234 Wierdo1234
18-21, F
Aug 26, 2011