I wake up early so I can take a shower and wear makeup before I start my day.
LordVoldemort LordVoldemort
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Your beautiful in and out and I miss you! In my prayers!You are safe!U and ur family! tears........ :(

i agree with agethink. i thought you never considered makeup, fav item which u cldn't do without?<br />
i have a touch of lipstick and that's it easy go

Lady Voldemort, what a nice surprise.<br />
I must confess I thought you were one of those female computer programmers who don't give a fig about the way they look. Now I'm asking for your forgiveness, for having assumed such a horrible thing. Miracles do happen, and you are probably not just clever but also good looking.<br />
I wish the keyboard at the next desk was used by you, here at my office.


@ Seriously sappy: thank you, that is really flattering<br />
<br />
@ Red: Now I am blushing, thanks

I'm with Sappy. I think your gorgeous with or without.

LV, I think you're beautiful.