I Think Killing Time's a Crime

I am always very content spending time. I keep little projects on the go all over the house and in the car and in the garden. I read poetry in the loo. If I find myself without something to do then I plan what I am going to do next.


I fall asleep reading but if my dreams don't capture me I'll often take my book up again and read through the night.


I knit lace on the train.


There's a canvas in the study, being daubed at constantly. It will be a masterpiece one day.


I can make my own clothes and bags. I crochet, I do crosswords but I don't like number puzzles. I write and muse and ponder and am generally very very happy but please don't ever let me hear you say you're killing time cause I'd be very happy with more.

Sunnysideout Sunnysideout
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1 Response Mar 12, 2009

You sound like me. Never content to sit. Keep up the busy stuff!