Am Different And I Like It

Even doe i`m from the hood I got hood ways I still show people respect Cause to get respect you got to give it if you dont where i`m from people will kill you. I`m not like my crazy *** home boys they are loud and dont care about what they do or say to me people. Me on the other hand i`m kinda shy and layed back I watch I say and what I do around people cause people out here will tell the police in a min. I`m different from them but that is a good thing cause i got more respect then them I can go in any hood down here and they show me love. But being different come with a price to pay cause some of my so call home boyz dont understand how I get all the respect so they talk down on me and I know some of them dont like me but i really dont care. Unlike them my system is clean so I can go a get a job I dont have a bad background so I can go to college if i wanted to where i am from they yell **** the police we like candy paint cars and big huge rims on them and loud music. Yea i like them nice cars to but damn whats the point of putting big rims on your cars if you going to pull up rite at your mamma house I rather wait till i`m in my own house to fix up my car cause everybody got bills to pay and i dont want to hear about how you cant pay them but you got all this **** on your car. I need some new friends, friends that understand me and see the world like I see it. I`m different from any hood person cause I was rasied to love everybody.
Mississippi274 Mississippi274
18-21, M
2 Responses Oct 14, 2011

You are SO sweet!

Well you sound like you were raised like me to respect every one and then they will respect you. Thanks for being my friend. :)