Shame On You Ep!

Ep has REALLY dropped the ball. EP has disappointed me, for the 1st time, since my banning years ago. It has left me down, and it has made me wonder, why am I even here anymore?


Ep is banning, yet again, a very precious member here on Ep. It is hurting someone, who has done nothing, but made this place, pure fun for so long. Its really dropping the ball on this one.


Ep is suppose to be about, being yourself, and being welcomed, and not judge, ytet, EP is turning around, and Juding someone for who they USE to be. It would be like, saying, I am the same person that I was, and I'm NOT. I am not the person i was back when I got banned. And neighter is WIlmaa! I mean, come on, over time, people change, so why are they still being punished, and judge for it!

She is not the only one who is being hurt by you deciding to ban her! You are hurting all the people, she has interacted with, and all the people who Love and care about this woman, which in case they haven't picked up on it, is a LOT of people!


Why are you juding her so severe, all because of some mistakes in the past, and all because she has a sense of humor! Now, that is just ****** UP! Its not often, that I speak my mind, usually I just stay in the back corner, but not on this issue, you have no idea, how bad, you are hurting her! She is human, this site, is for real people, and wilmaa is a real person!

You made this site for people, to come together, and to be understood, well now, you act like, you don't give two ***** about its members! How pathetic is that? I mean, you let the joy of having a big site get to your head, and you stopped caring about the members on here, which is pathetic, because without you guys, we wouldn't have ever met in the 1st place!

I Love EP, Damit, I Love Ep so much, it has helped me so much, and it helps me all the time, and I would be totally Lost without this site, and with the people here, and with the connection of people I have.

The adminstrators, really need to do some soul searching, and find the heart of EP again, and find why they made this place, and start caring again! Wilmaaa, doesn't deserve this pain that they are putting on her, and neither do all of us who are effected by this!


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1 Response Mar 9, 2010

I hate to say it Aly, but I agree......