Poem For Trayvon Martin: In His Words Through Me

When I woke up I didn't know that February 26, 2012 would be MY last day. I didn't know that night would be the last night of MY life, MY last breath to take. Who is this man that stalked ME and followed ME, a stranger in MY face? How could this man play GOD with MY life and decide MY fate? I never saw him before, I was just coming from the store. I just wanted some skittles and tea, and I was wearing MY wearing hoodie. That made ME suspicious?...Were MY actions dubious? What happened to ME TRAYVON MARTIN? HIS word against MINE...But who can hear ME? As I stand up and look down at MY body, and see ME, SHOT IN THE CHEST: I realize I cannot speak and I cannot scream. I can only look at WHAT USED TO BE...ME. HE took MY existence, HE TOOK BREATH FROM ME, HE TOOK THE LIFE, THE SOUL OUT OF MY BODY. WHO will speak for ME and tell MY STORY? PLEASE DON'T LET THEM SHAME ME. HOW MUCH MORE CAN THEY KILL ME? I'M ALREADY GONE. WHO will speak for ME and tell MY STORY? STEREOTYPES OF A BLACK MALE MISUNDERSTOOD, IS IT STILL ALL GOOD? AND IF PEOPLE DON'T KNOW, NOW THEY KNOW...RACISM STILL EXISTS EVEN IF WE HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT!
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