I Do Not Support This. Here Is Why....

First what has happened is tragic. We are so quick to forget the mass murders happening in the us and abroad. 30k dead mexico this is an understatement. The Syrians that are dieing in lots as I type this. I won't even go into the US wars abroad. Why is it The millions yes I said over a million that are dead do not make it to our attention. Is this murder somehow more personal than the others?
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Trayvon was a tool used by the Media to cause more racial tension, Nothing more, nothing less. Guys get murdered every week in America, and they use a innocent little photo of Trayvon as if he was a schoolboy, how not any of the pics of him with weapons, pretending hes got a gun, his threats to kill on the internet? oh no, how dare they.
And the guy who shot him was in self defense, which is a fact. How the media plays with the minds of people.. As i said, nothing more than a exploit to cause racial tensions in America.

Because there is a problem with a domestic law that lets people think they can resort to violence anywhere they please. People with that mentality will tend to go after anyone they see as a possible threat even if the threat is only imagined and has no basis in reality (e.g., a black kid in a hoodie who went to a store for candy, or a wife moving around in a darkened house, who was taken for a burglar and shot). The shootings in Mexico and Afghanistan affect us indirectly; problems with domestic laws affect us directly and personally, as bijouxbroussard points out.

So we should ignore this terrible event, just because there are big problems in other places? Sorry, but that makes no sense to me. This happened here in our own country, making it feel personal to all of us. Makes us wonder if something similar could happen to our own kids. And that is very scary.

There were 8336 hate crimes in 09 ( Most accurate and recent I could find.) nearly half were race related. Can you name one? For that matter how about 2010,11?? I am by no means saying to dismiss this issue, But I have to say I am slightly more disturbed about the guy in Canada who cuts a person up and sends him in the mail one foot at a time.

I understand, and I agree, there are big, big problems. But what I was commenting on was the statement about not agreeing with being disturbed about Trayvon Martin's death. Of course I am very disturbed about Trayvon's killing, and I will not dismiss it just because he was not the only victim this year.