1. Choosing what is best or preferred from a variety of sources or styles.

2. Made up of elements from various sources.

That is the simple definition of the word, but someone who is eclectic is described a bit differently, and the connotation is sometimes derogatory.

To be eclectic in art and tastes like furniture and wine or various and other sundries, is nearly always a positive thing.


To be eclectic in your education is good.

To be eclectic socially would be good, if it was accepted as the norm. To be eclectic politically is not considered a good thing by those who toe party lines on issues, however. To have a view like mine, which is quite eclectic, is to be misunderstood. People don't know if you are conservative, or liberal, or where you stand on issues because you have not subscribed to party politics. To be eclectic politically is to be nearly apolitical, to not subscribe to any politics as opposed to various or all politics.

This seems to be my 'Eklektikós', that I have so many viewpoints that I seem to have none that fit in any kind of slot, according to the 'norm', along any political party lines, or even socially acceptable ideas about government and politics.

'Eklektikós' is good. It keeps me from being narrow minded and allows me to see all sides of an issue by the facts, without political prejudice. I like being eclectic.

LeisaWolf LeisaWolf
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2 Responses Mar 6, 2010

Right on, MomaCandy!

I would say that sounds a little like me....I'm just not conventional, and I like it that way!