My emotions flow through me like water. I'm kinda like a baby. I am very expressive. I'm in tears quickly over everything... happiness, joy, sadness, anger, fear. When I was younger I hated it... but now after learning how to deal with the overwhelming feelings I like it... I'll never have problems with repressed emotions! *smiles*

When I was learning CPR the instructor would be in awe because by the time I walk around the dummy my voice would crack when I asked Are you ok? *tears* *blushing*

GoddessNakiBean GoddessNakiBean
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3 Responses Feb 13, 2009

by emotionality you cant pretend that you are someone else :)<br />
it's not bad :)<br />
I can cry easily too, ehehe... but I love to laugh and smile.

cry, laugh, smile, blush... I'm very animated with my emotions. Sometimes it works against me.

i can cry very easily!