I Am Very Unfair

However, I've identified this trait as an "Area Of Improvement" and I'm working on it. 
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It is painfully ironic that frequently the defense mechanisms we develop to survive childhood become the biggest impediments to living successfully as adults. There does come a time when it is "okay" to unlearn these tricks - and grow out of them.

I grew up in a very dyfunctional environment. I cared for my mother and brother from a young age. I was giving and selfless because I was surviving. I think I have developed a selfish shell around me to protect me from giving too much of myself away now... It disappoints me because the man I love has pointed out that I am selfish.. :-(

"I could blind myself in the summer." HAH - Excellent.

After living in Chicago for 5 years, I was almost transparent. My own family in Florida made fun of me. I could blind myself in the summer.<br />
<br />
But, moving to Texas changed all that. Now I have a "tan," crisper on the left than the right. :)