I Need To Dress

I am feminine most of the time,even told I think like a woman.I also have characteristics of a woman
I am directionally impaired when driving
I can't saw a straight line so no good at male type jobs like fixing things and doing woodwork
I hate most sports because I suck at them except footie(soccer0 and badminton
I much more compassionate than aggressive and try avoid confrontation unless there is no way out
I often think of others first
I cry easily and am sensitive
Love animals deeply,even hate to kill daddy log legs and am scared of them(lol) but petrified of spiders
I am told I do not wall like a typical male more like a girl
I am gentle and soft spoken
and apparently I wave my hands around like a woman when talking
I guess Im a femme trapped in male body

I can't go long without dressing and fully dolling up with make up.I try to dress my age not like a 20 something schoolgirl and told I am an attractive mature woman.I try more than anything to dress normally and need to blend into society.
I feel complete at the end of a strenuous day slipping into some silky lace,like my short pink nightie,lacy knicks(one of my 40 pairs) and either fuzzy slippers or my flats.
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May 25, 2012