I am very friendly and I like to hear from most people. But, in order to get my bad side, it has to be something HUGE! Not just a small misunderstanding or a small slip of the tongue kind of thing. No. :-/

A person has to be out and out rude, arrogant, and all around jackass for me to turn. And many times, I will not be unfriendly with that, until they add the last straw. I can pretty much put up with a lot, but I do have my limits. :-)

And when I become unfriendly, I will snap back with glib comments... and even a lot sarcastic. And then after a while, I do the ultimate of just ignoring the person altogether and locking them out of my life. It never happens instantly or overnight... but when it happens, it's often for good. :-o

I do hate when that happens though. I would like to be friendly with everyone, all the time. But with some people you just can't be so. The harsh reality of life.

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1 Response Feb 22, 2009

Unfortunately, we can't be nice to everyone all of the time :) I totally know what you