I Welcome Friendships.

I was looking for a more formal introductory experience to post this in but haven't discovered one so I will introduce myself here.


I am Jessica.

I am a 54 year old retired school teacher. I taught primary grades 3 & 4 throughout my entire career and greatly enjoyed the children and the whole concept of sharing information with others.
Children are marvelously intelligent and insightful. I am pleased to say that they have easily taught me as much as I have them.

I am married to a dear man and have 2 lovely children. My son is an industrious young man working as a teacher in the same college where he is completing his graduate studies. My daughter is a spirited love enrolled as a junior in college as well.

My husband and I are enjoying our empty nest. I adore being a parent but I am also finding more free time to be rather nice as well.

My husband and I are bother retired and while we have much to keep our time filled I have been interested in expanding my interactions with others on the internet for quite some time.

I have vast and varied interests in others and the lives they lead. I am an easy going sort with a pleasant sense of humor and a genuine interest in what others think and have to say.

I do wish to keep my identity to myself. I enjoy Face Book and keep in touch with many of my former students so for obvious security reasons, I will not be sharing that information with others until I get more acquainted.

I am finding the many experiences offered for reading to be a real fascination. So many with so much diversity is wonderful to see.

Thank you for reading this. I would welcome your adding me.
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1 Response Dec 14, 2012

great idea for a first story and nicely done . . . I would be honored to add you . . . welcome to EP my new friend . . . I wish you many happy experiences here . . . 8D

Thank you maltesemermaid. You are my first circle contact. Raises a toast to a long and enjoyable friendship!

hahaha . . . how wonderful . . . cheers . . . *clink* . . . 8D