No Reason Not to Be!

I am honest in my daily life, ALWAYS. So, with a site with anonymity, why not be honest! If I can tell people who are around me everyday, that I have to see face to face often, the truth about me and my feelings... Isn't it so much more easier to repeat that truth in a safe environment, where it would be rare for me to ever see these people, face to face? =p

Everything that I post, comment, blog, whatever, on this site is 100% true, guaranteed. Nothing has been fudged or blown bigger than what it was stated. I'm a big believer of the truth! Unless it's some silly EP group for laughs, where it's obvious that it's a joking one to be silly and funny in, I just don't make up things in anything that I post. ;-)

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1 Response Mar 10, 2009

Thank you for sharing. It is so wonderful that there are other people out there who believe in honesty. I am one of those. But I do think that EP is also a great place for people to vent their feelings. For people who can't tell other people that they are around in their everyday lives, how they feel, for whatever reason...fear, guilt, shame, and so on. EP can help those people also.