I Am.

I am very hurt. It hurts to breathe sometimes. I trusted someone with everything in me. More than my ex fiance, who lived with me for a year. I trusted this person, and would have donated my heart to save their life. But it was all a lie. a Joke, a game for her. I sent her all of my savings, a little over 500 dollars, and after I do that, she comes out and tells me exactly who she is, and that she has no intention of being with me, and that she was just looking for some fun, and she picked me. She told me I was a fool for believing her. I feel like a complete and total fool, I mean, how could I have been so stupid, but none the less, she ******* hurt me...BAD... I still cry myself to sleep at night. I have thrown away almost everything that reminds me of her, except for my ep account. Some days its so hard being here. She deleted her account, so all her stories, all her comments, all our messages are gone, and god it hurts so ******* bad.
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1 Response Dec 1, 2012

I don't know how to abracadabra your pain away through this forum. Sorry! But you have learned a valuable lesson, valuable enough to not let you trip over the same stone twice. A saying comes to mind, "One cannot love when full of hate and one cannot hate when full of love."