Am I a Weirdo, or the people surround are weirdos. Which is which?

Hi. I am glad I stumbled upon this website. I am an introvert; I prefer to spend my time alone rather than going out with my friends watching movie or having a pint of beer. Trust me, my story is just pain in the *** to deal with. Sometimes, I couldn't even understand myself. Why am I like this while all my friends are living their life to the max. So I managed to figure out, I am weirdo, not them. But with the fact that I know I am introvert makes me a little happy, at least we are more connected with our brains (lol, I am not saying extroverts are not), and most of intelligent people have/had introverted personality trait, so it's good a thing right? But but, personally, I've been dealing with episodic depression and unwanted anxiety feelings. Sometimes, I couldn't understand why I feel so scared or anxious. I've been dealing with these unwanted all by myself because I'm still a student and my financial is not stable for me to go for a therapy. I am trying to stay away from anti-anxiety medications as well (I heard the side effect and withdrawal effects are quite depressing too) Which leave me with no choice; to fight this cognitively and psychologically. So as for now, I don't know where should I start and what should I do to overcome these feelings. I'd be better if there's anyone else to join and fight their depression and anxiety feelings with me. anyone up for it? We can discuss how are we gonna do this together. Any idea how should I start fighting this feeling off my mind?
I need help. :P
Fazlie Fazlie
18-21, M
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I'm also an introvert, but less then you (judging from your story)
And there isn't really a rule that introvert are actually more intelligent... it probably seems that way sometimes because they seem to spend more time learning and in their work, which makes them more knowledgeable about where they spend their time. Which also result that they mostly are less good when it comes to social areas. (since they spend less time with other people)

And as for your depression(s) and anxiety... I think it is best to try and found out the cause first. Do you really have no idea what your feelings of depression and anxiety are about?

i'm with you