Will I Ever Change!!!

i am a 34 year old women living with a 58 year old man. i get jealous when he looks at other womens boobs!!! i get mad.... i had a boob job 3 months ago to help me feel better and i do but i still watch him to make sure he is not looking. guys are guys okok but it drives me mad. i am not an ugly girl so whats the problem? any comments how to deal with this?
jennechris jennechris
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2 Responses Aug 3, 2007

You'll never stop him. You could try looking at other men/women though and see if he likes it

This business of looking at other women's breasts is just instinctive. I know I do it, and I find large breast *unattractive*. It's just some sort of hard-wiring in the brain. It doesn't *mean* anything, not if it's just looking (as opposed to STARING or DRIBBLING).<br />
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If he's always *talking* to you about how attractive other women are, then that's a different story again.<br />
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Jealousy is mostly about our own insecurities though, and usually about the areas in which we feel deficient. Perhaps you should focus on:<br />
a) Making yourself feel attractive (as in, you know you attractive because you have the skills, the attitude and new boobs to go with it)<br />
b) Those times when you have his complete and undivided attention, knowing what you can *do* to make him want you and only you.<br />
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Hmm. Just some thoughts :)