Empathy For Everyone

Yeah I'm kind hearted to a fault sometimes. I have stepped out of my shoes to give them to someone who needed them worse, will give you my last dime, my last bite of food, my only blanket. I will shelter you from the storm with my back if that is all I can offer.This heart of mine has opened itself to love and trust blindless only to be abused and hurt by a few who obviously saw this in me. The worst perpetrater said my "kindness is mistaken for weakness". Well he wrote the book on hurting me so he should know. But heck with him, he can't and won't be allowed to hurt this heart anymore! I have seen as a nurse every kind of situation, pain, neglect lonliness, need. I would often hurt or feel my patients pain so acutely it was difficult to handle it. I have literally held a person as their life escaped their body, you bet this nurse cried discreetly with the family, even if we we're taught this is unprofessional. We are only human. I do feel nervous about alot of todays nursing Grad's, why someone is going into the profession, the ones who aren't cause it will break your back and hardly anyone cares about that. The avg. nurse is like 50 now, working so short staffed it is dangerous. It truely is a crises, and higher salaries are great but more help would be better, even just more hands to free up the skilled nurses to do their skills, not just change sheets. And wow I won't go into the documentaion time needed. Sorry I have wandered off my path! But hey, I really do love you and care.
Kellygirl Kellygirl
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1 Response Jan 9, 2008

Yeah don't change. There will always be ******** who take you for granted and who will not reciprocate your wamth and goodness but to hell with them. Keep being the beautiful person you are because for every ******* there are 10 other people that did need that loving word or smile you gave them and who really appreciated it. We are all here for a reason and it seems like you are really serving your purpose right now. Don't change a thing.