I Can't Help It

I am always seeing someone in need, then I have this crazy urge to go out and help them. Most of the time I do... Even if it's something I shouldn't be helping them on..i.e (exams, money for things they shouldn't buy, they are a mean hearted person and don't deserve my help...).

I generally think nice thoughts about other people, until my suspiciousness comes in the way (every now and then). I feel nice at heart, I don't know how to describe it.. But you know the feeling you get when someone does a good deed for you? That's the feeling I feel when I do something for another person, or when I'm just in a good mood. I feel like I did something nice, and that may just be because my heart is kind. I've always been the little helper of sorts, the goody-good of the circle, the sweet one, the nice one, the motherly one.

All of my actions are done out of kindness I could say. Sometimes I feel obligated, other times it is just so. I usually find myself helping someone, sometimes it seems like I'm not even being nice, that I'm just doing it... But then I realize, that's me being nice. That's who I am and how I'll always be.
WiltingBlossom WiltingBlossom
18-21, F
5 Responses Nov 12, 2010

Aww thank you :]

The world needs more kind-hearted people like you :)

I never thought about it like that, thanks for the wonderful insight! that's very true of the world. And don't worry, I spent way too much time as a pushover I've learned to stand my ground and be assertive :]

In my opinion, it's better to be a little too kind than not kind at all, because the world definitely has enough people of the latter kind. Just make sure that you're careful and you don't let people take advantage of you!!

So very true... I will be, and follow my great intuitions.