The Beautiful Soul Of Emmy Lou

When my daughter was about seven or eight, she used to perch in her upstairs bedroom window and hold one little delicate finger out. The birds would fly to her and sit there. She could stand on the edge of a pond and call the fish to her, and they would come. If an animal was sick or dying, she would lay her hands on them and bring them comfort. She grew into such a gorgeous young woman, always super sensitive and filled with loving energy. She became ill and died quickly at age 22 from what a noted neurologist called a tumor on the part of her brain where the "soul" is located, Where personality is formed and stored, where goodness and badness are cultivated. I always knew that she was not here with us for long, her soul was too keenly serene and well developed. I continually told her that she had the most beautiful soul of anyone I ever knew. She loved everyone and everything so entirely selflessly. She inspired me to write poetry about her when she was a teenager, I would pull out my pad and begin writing to her on every full or blue moon, I would write about how lovely and magical she was. There was never a hint of teenage rebellion in her, she worked three jobs to donate to animal causes. My point is, if you know someone like this, love them well, they are too good for this world.
hillbillycrone hillbillycrone
56-60, F
Feb 18, 2011