I Sure Am

I have been kind hearted all my life or so I was told by my family and friends. I always try to see or find the good in everyone and everything.
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Thank you Unique4real for the lovely comment.

Thank you both for the nice comments.

Here is a positive attitude as I like them.<br />
Let us imagine a little the whole of the world population, thus !<br />
A short piece of Paradise, not?<br />
<br />
nice post :)

This is wonderful sufi0000.

We are the same breed my friend

Lovely comment from a charming man.

Thank you sendittome for the lovely comment.

Thanks Mr C I remember your messages all to well Honesty is the best policy

You sure do or we would never have been friends. I respect you for your honesty too.

No doubt my BFF Liz about you'r kindness.................:)

Glad you are the same way. Family is the worse at taken or tryin to take advantage of our kindness.

Iam the exact same way! There for everyone has tooken advantage of me! Including my spouse who doesn't think so but is the main person!

Sorry to hear that you've suffered, but there is nothing kind about bitterness.

I'm sure you are lovely though.