Been And Will Always Be

Kind/Weak-hearted is my tagline of life if there were to be any. My earliest memory is going for dinner at my aunt's place and my cousins would ask me to stay overnight. My aunts were rich, stayed at the penthouse of a hotel. My younger brother was too little so he went back. I knew I;d have a great time, surrounded by Archie comics, they were big fans and so was I and other delights, I remember looking down at the parking lot and missing my home and little brother. If my friends asked any things like earrings which I didn't like too much I gave it without a second thought. Even now when I walk on the streets and see the homeless and poor but working it pains me to complain and stay and life is unfair when they are dealing with so much hardship. If it was in my hands I would give them anything. I have always been a sacrificing one, perhaps it does not constitute to being kind-hearted when you squash your own wishes and desires and do not speak up for yourself but I have always been this way. I will honor my feelings but I will not change or cannot change my heart and the way I am, this I am proud
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Lovely story.