Don't Mistake My Kindness For A Weakness

A very wise old friend use to say that and it's sooo true. I am a very strong women and I would rather give than receive. But don't appreciate being taken advantage of or for granted.

I truly get personal satisfaction from giving and or helping any of my fellow human beings. I feel weird when someone does something nice for me or gives me a gift. I really don't know how to explain it...I mean, I am touched and appreciate it but don't know "how" to accept it. I'm not use to it. It doesn't happen very often.

I have been know to give away my most precious things as a gesture of love and appreciation for whomever is receiving the gift. It means more to me to give unselfishly and without reward. I never want to change this gift, this quality that I have because it is "who" I am.

Helly77 Helly77
51-55, F
1 Response Jan 5, 2010

same here! wonderful read. <br />
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never under-estimate me ..i have told some. my sweetness doesn't mean i am stupid. my actions due to so much empathy, compassion for others... even if i don't understand them, i still give and respect them.