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Don't Mistake My Kindness For A Weakness

A very wise old friend use to say that and it's sooo true. I am a very strong women and I would rather give than receive. But don't appreciate being taken advantage of or for granted.

I truly get personal satisfaction from giving and or helping any of my fellow human beings. I feel weird when someone does something nice for me or gives me a gift. I really don't know how to explain it...I mean, I am touched and appreciate it but don't know "how" to accept it. I'm not use to it. It doesn't happen very often.

I have been know to give away my most precious things as a gesture of love and appreciation for whomever is receiving the gift. It means more to me to give unselfishly and without reward. I never want to change this gift, this quality that I have because it is "who" I am.

Helly77 Helly77 51-55, F 2 Responses Jan 5, 2010

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kindness is no weakness,kindness is a quality,we all can give so much,the passage of time for me has been one of always helping others by fixing things for them and never excepting payment for it ,and when they insist i feel awkward ! friends have said you should be paid for helping others or fixing things but its never on my mind..but there is a twist to this tale and thats when we do get taken advantage of it can more or less punch you where it hurts,makes you wonder then should you stop being yourself or become an artificial representation of yourself !

same here! wonderful read. <br />
<br />
never under-estimate me ..i have told some. my sweetness doesn't mean i am stupid. my actions due to so much empathy, compassion for others... even if i don't understand them, i still give and respect them.