Lazy And Feel Irresponsible

i admit it. i am very lazy. i do not know how to overcome it. my mother hates this trait of mine. my own grandmother is also lazy and irresponsible. I hate this trait of mine. i can just lie on my bed all day and surf the net only. i detest doing household chores. sometimes i find that things around me don't interest me much. likei am disconnected from the other people.... sometimes i struggle to find meaning in my life....
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5 Responses Aug 9, 2010

Same here

same for me........................
want to talk with you.............

I'm the same. Been unemployed for a while now, and I'm really not putting in the work to find something just because I'm not currently starving. The only reaction I seem to have to this is anger at myself, it never translates into positive action.

Exactly the same way. Unless gratification is immediate, don't want to do it. Get irritated and give up if anything takes too long. Bored too.

I know what you mean, i am ashamed to admit i have called in to a few jobs just cause i didn't feel like it, sometimes it was b/c i was sick of see the phony people i worked with. even now i would rather hang out at home and chill than go in on a wet sunday. upside it gets me out of the house money in pocket and the hope one day i will have enough dough so i wont have to work. wont happen, but its a nice dream.