i am very lonely yet i have no one to love and thats sucks because i am a good person but no one will give the chance to show it

coldbloodedbitch coldbloodedbitch
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4 Responses Mar 26, 2008

I am in the same boat I have been on my own now for seven years I live alone can go from one day to the next without speaking to a sole it makes things worse being unemployed not meeting people if that makes much difference people just dont won't to know now it's all self.

I feel the same way, wish I could meet someone who is in the same boat and who understands. Then maybe we could fall in love.

I agree with you completly. It's really unfortunate that people never give us a chance to show our true selves. Although I still have alot to learn, I was told this. When it's meant to happen, it will, and nothing will stop it. Until then, enjoy the ride the best you can. Do I believe this now, yes, and yet it's hard.

I know how you feel,I'm the same way. Sometimes people are too caught up in labeling people. They don't give you a chance to show them who you really are. They just judge you.I think those people are not worthy of even your attention,much less your love.I think if you are the person you want to be,you will attract the person who truly wants to be with you.