I Am Very Lonely My Husband Walked Out And I Just Cant Seem To Get Over It He Fell In Love With Another Women Is There Anybody Out The Can Tell Me How To Mend A Broken Heart

can anybody out there can tell me how to mend a broken heart my husband left me for another women i just cant seem to move on i am so lonely my 2 children have lives of there own now i am all alone here in a big house my kids are so good to me but its just not enough i need to move on but i just cant seem to do so plz help
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I no exactly how u feel my husband split to but I have to small children to care for. I find my self missing him everyday & try to move on with life which seems impossible. The person he left us for has such a hold on him she has lots of $. To buy his love.& he has zero to do with his own kids to keep her happy.any advice would b great

I'm right there with you - it has been 12 years and it feels like yesterday - not sure how I can help but perhaps we (the collective we experiencing this) can help one another find understanding and closure ...