I Want You To Know.

I have been in a few relationships, but they didn't go anywhere much. Like I had 2 or 3 that were good out of more that I had. I think that there must be someone out there for me, I haven't found them yet. I think it might happen when it is time. I am excited for the future. I want to make some online friends and then maybe I won't feel so bad. Please get to know me if you are close to my age. I would like to have some online friends, even if I can't date like in person. It is fine. Please start by becoming my friend. Thanks a lot.

My name is Lisa.
Christian02 Christian02 22-25, F 2 Responses Nov 30, 2012

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Hello. If given the chance I would like to get to know you and become friends and if you feel like more than that we can. Message me if you wish to.


I look forward to it :)

Hi Lisa I'm Ben