Very Lonely

I'm an extremely lonely man. Had a relationship that went badly wrong, lost my fiancee, my two kids...Now i'm stuck in the house on anti-depressants with no friends, and no hope for love in the future. I feel like i have absolutely nothing to offer anyone, which leaves me utterly hopeless.
Fithvael Fithvael
2 Responses Dec 7, 2012

You can not be what you want to be, if you remain who you are.

please try to remember : change you thoughts it will change your life, maybe instead of thinking so negative, imagine every day meeting that special someone, imagine what she looks like, smells like, feels like, let yourself feel her from your soul and look forward to knowing that the universe has a plan for you and she, you just arent ready yet because of your negative patterned thinking, when you are open to love and that begins with working on yourself and loving you without the need for someone , thats when you will start your journey to meet your soulmate. please try to stay in tune to your love you have to give, but give it to yourself, heal old wounds from your past, clear the baggage heaped up at your door so when your love come knocking she doesnt have to step over the trash to get to you, it just may send her away in fear.... i hope this helps a bit!