I Am Invisible

Yes, I think that there's no one more invisible than me... I'm a honest hardworking woman that is not able to attract any man. Ppl say I'm beautiful that i am the perfect daughter-in-law, but the last time i was in a relationship was 6 years ago and i feel so lonely, I wish i could find a man that could be my partner, my lover and my friend...Honeslty, I am asking too much? I feel so depressed and so alone... I wish my life was different...I dont know how I am going to build a relationship if no men seems to notice me. It brings me anguish and desperation, I'm 30, no kids... Does anyone knows how to change that situation? I dont and I dont see any light at the end of the tunnel. I'm very sad.
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4 Responses Jan 17, 2013

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I'm 43 male and feel that the love of a good women will never happen.

I am a man who feels exactly what you have written. I have all the friends that money can buy but not a sincere one in the bunch. Not one that I can say honestly loves me, or cares. How I crave truth! I long for a loving touch and beautiful conversation.

I'd have liked to have written to you but there's nothing about you on here - absolutely nothing. Can you message me? I am lonely too and I'd love that special person's love to surround me and make me complete. I hope I hear from you. xx