I Am Lonely

I dont know what am I doing here... but it is friday afternoon 5 pm, sun is shining outside... it is so beautiful, but I have no one to share it with... the best I could do was to type on google "I am lonely" on a beautiful friday afternoon...

I am 30 year old woman, quite well settled with my career, very well educated have a nice apartment... but I am not happy... i live in a foreign country, where people do not understand me sometimes... i dont have many friends... and the ones I have are out with their loved ones... if i asked them i could probably join them sometimes... but I am so tired of being the third wheel... or the fifth wheel... or the seventh one... i think those are better off who are with someone for the time being and are just waiting for the right one to come along... when I am hanging out with couples, its so excruciating... the intense pain that i feel when i see them sharing a private moment... a light touch... a casual kiss...  an internal joke... it just hurts to be alone... till i was studying, i did not feel it too much... i was students... most of them were single... had similar interests... but now with my job, my colleagues are a little older than i am and have families and kids... and are really not interested in spending time with colleagues on weekends or evenings...

i could trade my job, money, house for love... all those mean nothing if you dont have someone to share it with...

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they have a few sites specifically made for those who are lonely - you can do a google search on things like dating for lonely people - they have nolongerlonely.com - but there are a few others if you want to check them out

Well i can safely say your alone feeling like this. I´ve felt this way for a year or so now. Don´t know if its the "growing up" of the mind or the pure boredom of the everyday life that hit me but its not a fun feeling like your missing something.<br />
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I think you will find someone though, just have to look in the place you never expected. And its nice that you are so dedicated that you will trade job, money and house for it, but i think you should be very happy to have that. Many people are struggling and trying to get a stable home. Since you have that, you have a good start to start a family the day you do find the guy. <br />
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Just don´t give up...

praying that god bless us all lonely souls

Maybe you are learning something form this loneliness. One, it is called humble for people you do meet. Now you know what it is like for a soldier that is stationed in a foreign country for several years.<br />
Pull yourself together and be like a soldier-brave in life. Two, Join a church group, club, organization, and offer to help. Eventually they will come to you for help, and you will be happy to help them.<br />
God is watching you and giving you a listen of humbleness and humility, so you will love the guy that falls in love with you.