So Lonely In Marriage - Do Not Know Where Else To Turn

I have been feeling alot like many of the other post about lonely in a marriage. For the last three years I have been battling this because I am unemployed and care for my disabled father and children, there are weeks, maybe even months where I handle being invisible in this marriage better than others, than there a days I just break down....this morning was one of those days. Depression took a hold on me last night and I rarely slept thinking of how this sad marriage came about, than this morning I had several hours of crying and I screamed to him from the top of my lungs how this was killing me inside....he just stood quite. All I want to do is cry, I am so alone.
SonyaO SonyaO
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I understand how you feel. I'm lonely in my marriage. I'm praying that my husband will care about me again.

Sonya,<br />
I am so sorry you are going through this. I know the depths of pain this can cause. I have spent my adult life caring for 2 disabled boys while helping my husband build his successful business. He has become so cold toward me. I feel like I am treading water in the middle of the ocean. I long for the warmth and companionship of the partner I once had, or thought I had. <br />
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I hope that you find what you are looking for in your marriage or find the courage to move on. Take care.

I agree with Sassysprite as well. Can u give a little bit more details of what is going on without actually giving yourself out (just in case he finds this story)?

...OK you may be right but then again it may just be that you are depressed. Your carrying a very heavy load caring for your father and trying to raise children.Your stuck in a place that you don't want to be and you don't see it ever ending right now.Maybe the reason your husband just stood there when you were lose n it is because he doesn't know how to make it better either..Keep in mind that he is still there and he hasn't walked out..That does say alot...

Dear SonyaO, I really sympathize with you. What exactly is going on? What is his excuse for abandoning you emotionally or otherwise? You should join the "I live in a sexless marriage" group. People also talk about loneliness and lack of intimacy there as well. Lots of great advice. <br />
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I myself, am battling depression right now because of loneliness in my marriage. I'm not happy, I snap at his all the time. Being on EP and meeting, hearing from people who have been through the same has helped me tremendously. <br />
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I hope you will get some resolution soon.