So Lonely.......

I have been married 6yrs and with my husband for 8 years and things have been bad since the beginning. I was warned not to marry him but I thought things would get better. We had a lovely girl in October 09 and he says he is finding it hard to cope with a child. He won't pay all her expenses (such as swimming or even toys) and sleeps in all weekend. He is out at drinks tonight and every night he goes to the gym and gets back at 10pm and expects me to have his dinner ready which was so hard to do with a newborn baby to look after. Our baby was in hospital for 6 weeks with major open heart surgery and luckily she is doing well now - but it has taken its toll on us. I stayed by her bed in hospital - he went to work and at weekends would turn up at 11pm at night to see us. Writing this now shows me how selfish he is. He sees his daughter for five mins at 7pm and then rushes out to the gym. We just celebrated his birthday and more fool me, I took him to oxford for a racing experience in some super cars - when we got back he said he was stressed at work and didn't speak to me in the evenings and then went out drinking again - I feel such a fool because I tried to leave him before but I really wanted a baby. Now I don't know how my daughter will cope if I leave him? Does anyone have any experiences of divorcing when their child is under a year old? Will she feel the pain at this age or should I wait till she is older? I don't want to put her through anymore pain she has already had a tough life so far.............

thank you for listening
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You have been through the ringer here. It's awful when a husband refuses to be a good father. I am in a similar boat and asking the same questions you are.

Well I think you and your daughter will be happier if you left. Better to do it whils she is younger than later....<br />
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Wish I was so lucky to have someone to come home to!

your comment made me laugh and cry at the same time!

Just chop his penis off and put it in a blender, then he won't need to go to the gym anymore. And he'll stop going out for drinks too cause when he goes to the bathroom he'll look down and cry.