Can't Control It

I'm very loud when having sex or when involved in self pleasure. I have to shut my bedroom window otherwise my neighbors will hear me. When I try to be quiet I only seem to get louder.
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36-40, F
6 Responses Jan 9, 2013


I put in sound proof walls in my recording studio in the basement. No one will hear us except you and I. well....unless we record it.

That sounds fun

it's an open invite. ;) come on over any time!

Dito!.But cause im a geaser it's only at the point of sexual release.Phroar!! think it's proberbly best you (***) to london and all the city noise will cover our sounds..we're both pro's im gathering!.

May I join you for self pleasure?

You aren't loud.........*giggles*

Don't tell've heard me all the way over there? I'll put a ball gag on next time. Sorry.

Then you should consider moving to the great white north - you can moan and groan as loud as you want and only the deer and I would take notice...Try not to do it though if I'm fishing !!...