Refuse To Waste The Money Or Time

 I really hate the waste of it all. With so many people starving, tortured, misreable people in the world it hurts to see people waste so much time and money on things that really are useless in the world. Spending more then 30 minutes getting ready before you can go out of your bathroom/ house just seems sad to me. Once in a blue moon will I spend over an hour to walk out of my house. Have an expense house, car or really anything doesn't appeal to me at all. I believe in quality but I don't want to pay for things just because someone else has it or thinks it's something I should have. I am way to independant/stubbarn to care what someone thinks about how I look and feels about my life.
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I would love to get you ready for dates hon

I wrote this in August and it is on going not just for the holidays which are so bad I try not to watch tv at all.

Its a circle where they want people to spend to spur growth, its a given and that is why they put so much on tv for holidays ad such to increase the spending

redtailfree48 I am all for quality of life my opinion is most is wasted on things that do not improve life. Getting new clothes, hair, nails, make-up, toys even once a month is not useful. I didn't get specific but maybe I should have. I was getting sick of commercials of various products, reality shows and just things every place I went at the time I wrote this and at the time the news was going on and on about people in debt, losing jobs, homes, etc and in the same sentence telling them to go buy, buy, buy mostly crap like toys that cost almost a small car payment. I am not saying get rid of every convenience I am saying it is getting ridiculous that people think spending 100s a month on things like new clothes, hair, make-up, toys, cars, yet not putting back for house payments, car insurance, education, etc. If an emergency comes most have no savings to help them, that does not sound like much quality and that was more my opinion. I am low maintenance because I believe in a better future not paycheck to paycheck.

No one has commented on this? Well you show that you have your priorities. and your opinion shows that you don't require much to make you happy. There is two sides of the coin here. People work hard to live a far more comfortable life style. Making a better life for there children and there futures. I don't see it as a waste of money. Making a better quality of life that they didn't have to start with. I'm not knocking you for what you believe in.