Now's My Chance!

My husband was away last week working in the city, and I thought GREAT!  I'm going to live as meager as I can!

I cooked my self a $6 blade roast beef in the slow cooker on Monday, and I ate it all week!  I even had enough to share with my dog!  I ate up everything leftover in the fridge, and never had to go shopping once.

Geez, my husband eats a lot!  It's amazing how much more we need to feed him, and he's neither overweight nor a glutton.  He just enjoys his three-course meal every night, and the meals each have to be different throughout the week.  I guess I'm just not too demanding when it comes to food.

He's away again this week too.  I went and bought myself $8 worth of chicken pieces, a bag of carrots, and some pot barley.  I made chicken stock for the week, and had a chicken dinner.  I made a chocolate cake too.  (ok, I treated myself, but I had all the ingredients already)

It's also amazing how much more laundry we do when he's here!  I will only have a few things to wash at the end of the week, compared to his clothes that fill up the entire basket!

I have to admit though, I miss him.


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1 Response Mar 3, 2009

I'm with you. In my case, I'd make pasta salad & potato salad & be fine for the week. Maybe a couple of apples. I adore my husband and kids, but if I lived alone I'd probably use one kitchen cabinet and fill the rest with books.