Why I Love My Husband ♥♥♥..."

It took me a while to understand...He's not perfect, we fuss, we argue, we disagree. He gets temperamental and I am too. Sometimes I shuts him down, but through it all, I love him more.

Why? Because whatever it was that I did or said that upset him turned into an opportunity for me to be a better person for him and to others. Every day I realized there is NO CONDITION that will stop me from loving him unconditionally.

I met my husband a short time after and the love I have for him is beyond what I have ever has before. He has not made it easy to love and many have gotten very upset at his behavior but I easily forgive him and love him and see the man I know is in him the man God made him to be. When I choose to dwell on "whatsoever things are lovely, pure, and of good report..." it affects my whole outlook.

So, it's time for some serious reflections on the man I married...and why I LOVE him!

1. It's my choice. I choose to love him.
Love is really a commitment to choose to love!
Make the commitment (ACTION) to choose (THOUGHT) to love (FEELING).
Love is a choice. The 'feelings' will come and go, but the choice to love is there.

‎2. Because He Loves Me!
I am so blessed to have a husband who loves me.
Lord, help me to show him how much I love him♥!

3. Because He's Such a Little Boy!
Sometimes he acts like a kid, he think like a kid :) I see a tender boyishness in my darling husband. We argue to silly things..we fight for unnecessary things ...and at the end of the day we just found ourselves smiling and as if nothing happens.
He may be a real pest, a royal brat--but he is mine, and I love him!
Lord, help me to deal with him tenderly, and not be so tempted to slap the snot out of him at times! hehehehe :p

4. He Has His Faults...
One of the biggest things I love about him, is that he's not perfect--he's selfish, he's impatient, he's spoiled rotten--but he's real.
We both have our faults; it's just a shame that our faults aren't more compatible. But they are reconcilable differences. He may wish I was more like him, and vice-versa, but we are different. We can learn to celebrate our differences through compromise and self-sacrifice. That's what relationships are all about!
Lord, help me to accept him, his faults and all, with unconditional love, the way You love us all.

5. He's great in bed! he! he! ----oppppsss :)
I'm thankful that we can both grow old gracefully together. Lord, help me not to take for granted the intimacy we share--it took years to grow. He may have been young and vigorous ( in my eyes ..ehehehe!! peace darling ) once, but I will love him even when he is old and weak.
Lord, let me never take for granted his gifts of tenderness and patience.

6. He believes in me, especially at the exact moments when I've stopped believing in myself.

7. He lets me be me. He quit trying to change me a long time ago. Now he just lets the Lord do that.

8. He's not intimidated by my success. In fact, he wants me to succeed. He supports my passion and applauds my achievements.

9. He's quiet. He doesn't use words to express his love. He loves me with his actions.

10. He doesn't look at other women. He never flirts. He doesn't even chat with other women. He truly only has eyes for me. ----(? --HEHHEHEHE) Do you know how treasured this makes me feel?

11. It doesn’t happen often, but he lets himself cry in front of me.

12. He loves my natural beauty but compliments me when I have makeup on. ( FEELING!!! )

13.He never says anything negative about me to other people. He always praises me.

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iamclarisse iamclarisse
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Nov 28, 2012