My Great Dane Is Nuts!

Dont't get me wrong...I love Raven, my black GreatDane puppy... but she's 7 months old,weighs almost as much as I do, and has been acting llike a raving lunatic for the past couple of days! Is this normal? (The full moon anomyly has been coming!)

I've been kind, but almost'Hitlarian' with her training because I know that one day I could be going ANYWHERE that she wants.

... And she's so fast! Great Danes are an old breed of greyhound and mastiff... but she's SO freakin' fast that I swear' there must be a LOT of greyhound in her bloodline!

When we go to the forest to run every day, she takes off, and usually returns with no problem; but if we encounter other people and dogs, she run circles around all of them and jumps over their dogs! And worst of all... she seems to 'forget' her training!

I've been REALLY tough on her (training-wise) because I know the consequences of having such a large dog that could potentially be 'out of control', but is this normal? I suspect that the 'problems' are related to me being with her ALL OF THE TIME, and, simple puppyhood.

I've had LOTS of experience in training animals (including humans!), but she's SO BIG! She's very obedient in general, but 'on the loose' she can be a real pain in the @ss.

Any Great Dane owners out there with some suggestions, other than paying for someone else to train her? I'm not an incompetent idiot.

fishsweeper fishsweeper
56-60, F
May 6, 2012