How My Trip To Dallas To Save Our Daughter Turned Out

Well… I was originally going to drive to Dallas in our Suburban, which has two front seats and 2-3 back seats, depending on whether or not you fold down part of the second bench. I was all packed and ready to do when my husband decided that he wanted to come long as well… and bring our African Grey parrot and Great Dane…. So I had to wait for him to back his things and put whatever extraneous items that he wanted to bring, but it didn’t really take that long.

The trip to Dallas, where our daughter was basically being held hostage by an abusive person went fairly well. We left at about 11am and arrived at my first hotel booking at about 5pm, which wasn’t exactly a long day. Since Phillip was with me, I didn’t really get onto EP, except to answer a few messages because I think that it’s rude to abandon him for EP, even though EP is more fun.

Our dog, Raven, generally won’t do her ‘business’ in strange places, but Phil at least got her to p33 in the doggy yard of the first hotel. Then it was back in the car for 8 more hours of driving, and was somewhat tedious because my husband doesn’t like to listen to cd’s or the radio when he’s driving… And he wouldn’t let me drive! I think that the reason he came along in the first place was because he was so sickened by the thought of me on the road out there by myself. I’m not that crazy about driving anyway, so I let him do it all, but it’s kind of a p*sser when someone who drove from Big Bear, CA to Durango, CO (That person namely being me) is considered a threat on the road both to myself and others.

Anyway, when we got to our second hotel, the dog finally p00ped (outside) and we went to a deli next door that had sandwiches that were a minimum of ½ pound of meat with whatever else you wanted on them. Needless to say, Raven got ½ of my sandwich.

Then “Dallas Day’ arrived, and we had NO IDEA of what to expect when we got to our daughter’s apartment. Our Daughter came down to greet us, and the first thing that I noticed was her purple hair. Then I noticed the two facial piercings that she had… one through the septum of her nose and another through her lower lip (and they were BIG). She looked like he had fallen face first into a nail bin in a purple paint factory.

We went upstairs and her significant other was so short and scrawny that I personally wondered how our daughter could possibly have let him have such control over her life. I actually felt sorry for him because at 30 years old he seems to be so confused and weak as a person. FORTUNATELY, we didn’t have to call the police, and they had a very amicable split-up. We immediately loaded her and her cat into the car, and I was just thinking “Thank god we have a car big enough to handle three pets and three people! We drove off with a great sense of relief… all of us. (Well maybe not the cat and the dog, but Byrd, the parrot had a great time during the entire trip… He was talking and sing the whole way in the car, and thought that the hotel rooms were fascinating new places to be.

We went back to the second hotel in which we had stayed the first day, and Raven, who had been holding back a bowel movement let fly on the wooden part of the floor of the room. If you’ve ever read my article “I hate Cleaning Up Dogsh*t”, you’ll know what a treat THAT was for me.

On the way to the hotel, my husband let our daughter drive, and I was aghast… They both told me that I’m a menace on the highway!... and since I hadn’t brought my driving glasses (which I don’t really need and don’t normally wear), they both told me that I couldn’t drive! Bummer!

We had eaten previously, but my daughter and I went back to the same deli and split a ¾ pound corned beef and pastrami sandwich.. The cheese looked like a thin coating of mylar in comparison to the pile of meat.) I could eat ½ of my ½, so we took the rest back to Raven, who thanked us by p00ping on the carpet and p33ing on it as well. Geez… At least we had thought to bring a litter box and food for the cat and the other critters.

Well, we finally made it back to Durango,… and I was SO happy to be close to home. Once we pulled into our driveway, which had a foot of snow on it, everything turned back to semi-normal, even though the dog had a terrible time on the trip, the humans were just bored, and Byrd was sad to have to go back to his gigantic parrot cage. Everyone unpacked the car while I made dinner… Handmade basil/thyme meatballs with B&B brown gravy and tiny golden potatoes. Everyone was starving by the time dinner was served.

The cat started wandering all over the house while the dog started stalking the cat. So far, everything is going really well. I thought that we’d be experiencing some high-drama at one point or another, but, at this point, it’s just like 2000 miles and 5 days of my life are just a blur.

We spent a fortune in gas and hotel rooms, not to mention the time, getting out daughter back, but it was totally worth it. I think that parent have not a right but a responsibility to interfere in their children’s lives, especially when something radically wrong is going on. Now all that I have to deal with is the purple-haired metallic-faced girl that we dragged home with us!
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It's good that you got so much resolved with your daugther so reasonably. At the same time, I think it would be a great thing to get her some life coaching by a serious life coach because she will wind up back in a similar situation unless she figures out why she would have put up with that from him in the first place. I understand that women can, at times, find stark fear arousing, but she needs healthier outlets.

As to not letting you drive....Two times you drove and went to jail while wrecking cars. I think they are on the right track on this one.

Ms. Fish, you are always so fun to read! And you're crazy. I would not have brought a gigantic dog and a verbose parrot with me in a million years. But I had read your dog **** story previously, so I'm sorry to say that I had no sympathy for you as I laughed at your deja poo experience. You brought it upon yourself. And if I had had to endure no radio, as well, I think I would have gone insane. But I'm glad that you accomplished your mission successfully and peacefully. I suspect that upon seeing your daughter's most unimpressive male friend, you had to have wondered what the hell did she see in him to begin with. Oh, the joys of parenting! (I have five kids!)

thank god she is in safe hands with her parents

You're not a monster... You're just a little jacked up right now, but I'll get over it. Luv Ya!

Hey, I was being generous! I'm turning over a new leaf...