Nothing Shocks Me Anymore

I used to have very strict and stringent rules of right and wrong. I saw many things in black or white. I now realize there are many shades of gray. 
I have experienced many things that I truly never imagined I would do, say, think or possibly imagine. 
I have witnessed humans at their finest, and at their worst. 
I will never judge anyone ever for their reactions (positive or negative) to any situation. 
That does not mean that I do not become angry or mad. I do now that the feelings and my reactions to any situation are normal and must be felt and experienced. I know that nothing can last forever, not fury, scorn, contempt, anguish, or love. Everything has an end date. 
I am OK with this today. 
Understanding this concept and the realization that I choose my own destiny and live with the realization that I can happily experience the open mindedness of others is a comfort and a joy for me. 
NeopolitanSkye NeopolitanSkye
36-40, F
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